A gripping and beautiful romantic suspense that’ll leave you yearning for more…

Recluse was my first venture into Jaycee Ford’s writing. I haven’t read any of her other books, however, I have heard some pretty amazing things about them. When I was offered the chance to review this book, I quite simply could not resist. I had been wanting to read Ford, so it just seemed like a win-win— new series and new author… what’s not to love? The blurb for this book got me from the moment I laid my eyes on it. In all fairness, it most certainly did not disappoint. I thought the plot was beautifully mapped out and executed, although it could have done with a little more pacing and beefing up. In all honesty, that’s my biggest complaint. It could’ve done with being longer, apart from that I actually think that the story was very well written.

The main protagonists, Wyatt and Grace, are very empathise-able and endearing. I found Wyatt sweet and tender yet every bit the alpha that I love. He proves that not all alpha heroes need to be A-holes. This was so refreshing because more often than not you have a real twat for a hero that progresses into a somewhat perfect male specimen. Wyatt does not follow the same character path, and I could not have loved him more. Likewise, considering the cards that life has dealt her, Grace is a rather strong and sturdy character. She has wit and sass, but what I loved most about her was her willingness to grab life by the balls and not just enjoy it— but really appreciate it. I thought that the whole dead spouse scenario was done tastefully and brilliantly and although the idea was a little uncomfortable for me at first, I have to admit that it’s what made me love both Grace and Wyatt so much more.

There were a few times where the story got a little adolescent-y especially with the love vibes at the station, but if anything it just wet my tongue for more of the series. Lets face it we’re all kids when in love. We all have to find our way and mature the feelings… I think that really is the vibe of the series. But, who knows where it will go? Romance wise, this book was sweet. I wouldn’t say it’s the most out there when it comes to the sex, but that really fit with Wyatt and Grace’s story. What did really grip me and has completely left me gasping for more is the murder mystery element. I didn’t realise that this part of the story would consist of a cliffhanger, however, I also do not want all the inhabitants of the town to get offed. So, although I was a bit bummed that I’d have to wait to figure more of the mystery out, I am also pretty excited that there’s more to this part of the story.

All in all, I really enjoyed Recluse. I hope we have more from the Spider series soon… and as far as this being my first Jaycee Ford experience— I can guarantee it will not be my last!

About the Book

You were my brother in the line of duty.

My partner.

My best friend.

You were the man who had it all.

Your thoroughness and precision made you a great cop.

It’s what got you killed.

And now I live with the darkening shadows of your memory.

You weren’t here when I needed you to save me.

You weren’t here when I needed help solving the most gruesome murder this town had ever seen.

But most of all, you weren’t here to keep me from falling in love with your wife.


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About the Author

Bestselling author Jaycee Ford grew up chasing street cars around the city of New Orleans. After doing a four year stint at Louisiana State University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and fled for the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. New Orleans beckoned her home again where she put her love of the foothills into a series of romance novels. In between writing, she’s found behind her desk at a top rated law firm … or still chasing street cars.



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