An addictive, delicious and scorching love story that’ll leave you all kinds of struck…

Oh Laramie, Laramie, Laramie… Every. Freaking. Time. I thought that Renegade was it, but I was wrong. Tank has just turned it up to a whole new fantastical level of delicious. This book was hot. Scorching. I’m still trying to get my head back on my shoulders, Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt and Daphne “Blaze” Coleman knocked it right off. In one clean fell swoop I was head over heels in love and in lust with these two— from the very first sentence, I was gone. I had no chance of surviving these two. 

…his body is a visual buffet and the motherfucker is all you can eat… I want to lick it and claim it as mine. Down Girl.

Here’s the thing, right, Tank (and Renegade) are so eloquently and beautifully plotted and mapped out that the story itself is brilliance. It’s not one of those where you have to migrate to a different world in your head because the action is farfetched and unrealistic. Nope, geniously, the action/ drama is so very real that it sucks you right in. You become so embroiled in it that you can’t help but panic, despair and fall apart with Tank and Blaze. But most of all, it makes their love so very tangible and palpable that you become cocooned in it. Their story completely takes you over from beginning to end. Even as I write this review my mind is convoluted with them, by their story… my heart still breaks remembering their battle… my soul still cries out with their pain. I am in awe, simply starstruck… lovestruck… awestruck— I’m all kinds of struck by how beautiful, touching and sublime this story was.

You’ve belonged to me since the first moment I saw you. You’ve owned me from the first moment I tasted you.

I’m sat here wondering how I’m going to survive Tank and Blaze. Their passion is as hot, consuming and ravenous as a forrest fire in the peak of summer. Yet, unlike what most people would expect with that statement it’s not due to the sex. Nope. The heat is definitely in their banter, their give and take. For obvious reasons (read the book to find out) this isn’t a sex heavy story -although, when they do the tango… the deed, frick me, it’s hot, drooly, swoony and intense- so, yeah, this isn’t a sex fest. Tank is scorching because of the feelings that are uncontainable between Tank and Blaze. They have this thing that is tantamount to being eye-fucked, but it’s all within their feelings. It’s hard to explain. Their affection for one another has this addictive and high-inducing affect that you crave with everything inside you. It really is a drug, because even right now I’m digging into my head and replaying this story word for word in my head, hoping to get my hit. 

I already know from having a taste of Blaze, I have a fucking addictive personality.

I’m not sure how it’s happened but Trevor and Daphne have branded themselves into my heart. Look, I LOOOOOVED Ryan “Renegade” Kepler and Whitney Trumbolt something fierce. I still do unequivocally. They still make my insides melt and leave me in a puddle goo. And, no, not because I’m wet -well, that too- but, I’m left like mush because they’re just sweet and charming and delightful. Their story, Renegade, is out of this world tender and precious. It really is dulcet and it’s like a big fluffy and warm hug. Where Tank burns you up. It doesn’t sweep you off your feet, it tramples you. It’s fierce and feisty and unapologetic. It leaves you completely obliterated in its wake. The saying playing with fire is the best summary for this book, and Tank and Blaze. Tank is pure alpha and in control. He oozes power, dominancy and sex-appeal. He has this intense and tender passion that wreaks havoc with you and breaks you into a million tiny pieces only so that he can put you back together. If that even makes sense? Blaze, on the other hand, like her name has this fire that fuels all that intensity in Tank. She’s feisty and strong and at the same time vulnerable. She’s nothing if not formidable. You know that saying- behind every great man is a great woman -that is exactly the case with Trevor and Daphne. She makes him. Period.

When it’s your time, it’s your time. Regardless of who or what causes it… the good Lord chooses…

How am I going to get over this one? How can I survive this? This is so much more than just a mere book hangover. I just want so much more from these two. I’m hoping that just like you get to see Ryan and Whitney in Tank, that’ll get more of Trevor and Daphne in Havoc. Yes, that’s right… Havoc will be here soon. Not soon enough if you ask me, but every masterpiece takes time…

To get to her, you’re gonna have to get through me. Bring it on, I’ll rain down hell on you.

Although Tank is a standalone, I thoroughly recommend that you read Tank before hand. Although Renegade and Whitney are secondary characters in Tank, their story is in some degree tangle with the development of Tank and Blaze’s.

Because if there’s anything that can handle the steel of a tank — it’s the heat of a blaze.

About the Book

Life isn’t promised, love isn’t easy, and relationships aren’t always clean, but everyone has their soulmate who is willing to forgive when it would be better to forget.


Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt

I never thought in the blink of an eye my life could change, but it did. Cresting a hill driving to my favorite fishing spot, I was hit head-on by a teenager with no regard for anyone’s life but his own.

The recovery process has been hard, painful, and damn near beating me down.

The bright spot? Blaze.

Surviving the wreck has given me a second chance to make a life with her. Not knowing if I’ll ever be able to rejoin the Moonshine Task Force again has brought my world into focus. It’s made me realize what’s important.

Blaze. Stella. My brothers. My sister.

The ego that ran Blaze away before isn’t here any longer. What’s left is a man who’s holding his heart in his hands and a burning hope that once I’m healed she’ll still be around.


Daphne “Blaze” Coleman

There’s only been one person in the world who’s accepted me for who I am – from the fiery red of my hair and vibrant tattoos covering parts of my body to the smartness of my mouth and my desire to be matched in the bedroom.

That man is Trevor Trumbolt. When he asked me to give up my job as an EMT because he saw the dangers I face one scary afternoon, it spelled the end for us.

Now that he’s been injured, he needs my help and my love. I’ll give it all freely, but in the end I’m gonna need him to understand one thing about relationships. The give and take, love and sadness, pleasure and pain is a two-way street. He’s either in this with me or he’s not, but at the end of the day, I won’t let him boss me around.

If there’s anything that can handle the steel of a tank – it’s the heat of a blaze.


The Series

#1 Renegade

When you fall in love with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time……

Ryan “Renegade” Kepler

I’m the type of man who knows what I want. I make up my mind and stay in my lane, never veering off the course I set for myself.

Going into the military? Did it. Youngest member of the Moonshine Task Force? That’s me. Get my best friend’s older sister in bed? It was my pleasure.

Age means nothing to me. I’ve seen and done things men twice my age never will. What I want more than anything is someone to share my life with and that person is my best friend’s older sister, Whitney.

Whitney Trumbolt

Ryan is ten years my junior, but damn, being a cougar never felt as good as it did the night we spent together. Now I’m struggling with wanting things to either go back to the way they were or spend every night in his arms.

Make my wedding planning company the best in the south? Did it. Ignore the way my body trembles when I see Ryan? Epic fail. Freak out when I see a positive pregnancy test staring back at me? Complete with mascara running down my face and clutching my pearls.

Looks like things won’t go back to the way they were. There’s a man in my life that doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s the one who makes my blood run hot, cheeks turn red, and heart beat wildly within my chest. His name is Renegade.


#3 Havoc

When a marriage of convenience turns into the passion of a lifetime…

Holden “Havoc” Thompson

My job as the leader of the Moonshine Task Force is my life. I eat, breathe, and sleep it. The men under my command mean the world to me. Knowing they count on my guidance has kept my demons at bay for longer than I care to admit.

The control I have over myself is an iron fist that sometimes threatens to squeeze the life out of me. What I want more than anything is to live again – let go of the hurt smothering every bit of light I have in this darkness.

I don’t expect it to come in the form of a Moonshiner’s daughter needing my protection.

Leighton Strather

My whole life has been defined by who my family is. In the state of Alabama, we’re number one with a target on our backs. The danger and prestige isn’t for me. I don’t care about the money, and I care too much about the families we’ve ruined.

My brother and my dad are proud of it. They wear their arrest records like a badge of honor. Me? I want as far away from the lifestyle as I can get.

It’s the only reason I ask Holden to marry me. At least that’s what I tell myself.

I never expect his whispered yes to cause such upheaval in my life. Even though I resist, I learn some havoc is good – and this one? It’s a whirlwind of lust, hope, and love and all I can do is let it sweep me away.


About the Author

Laramie Briscoe is the best-selling author of the Heaven Hill Series & the Rockin’ Country Series.

Since self-publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie Briscoe has published over 10 books. She’s appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E-books Lists on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. She’s been called “a very young Maya Banks” (Amazon reviewer) and her books have been accused of being “sexy, family-oriented, romances with heart”.

When she’s not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on her DVR. Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband (the Travel Coordinator) and a sometimes crazy cat named Beau.



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