A beautiful and gritty love story that’ll leave you clamouring for more…

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because that is exactly what Fast was. I haven’t yet read the first book in this series (I will be doing so quick smart), however, this is a prequel novella so I didn’t feel like I was lost in any manner. As far as I know, the series is also made of standalones – so, you can really dive in anywhere!

Although this is a short story it has all the grit and angst of a full length novel. It was so brilliantly written, that in a way it was such a pity that it was short – I could’ve devoured so much more of this story. The reality is however, that the plot is so freaking well developed for a story of this length that it actually makes my want of a longer plot really insignificant. Basically, I only want the book to be longer because I just loved this book so much. I couldn’t put it down and I cannot stop thinking about Quinn and Liam. My heart really ached for them, especially Quinn. She is nothing short of a trooper. I can’t even say how much I loved her as a character. I really just wanted her to find solace and happiness with Liam. They are both clearly hurting, and yet their feelings for one another are so enthralling.

I was a little sad that there wasn’t a concrete happily ever after for Quinn and Liam, however it was eluded to. I hope that we see a lot more of them. I certainly would love to see how they progress, I feel like they were really just reconnecting in this novella and that a full length novel could really still be written about the pair. I definitely feel like the grief is there and that it would be amazing to see them work through it together. Fame the next book in the Not Like The Movies series tells Maddison and Tate’s story… so hopefully the next addition will be more of Quinn and Liam.

In short— I absolutely LOVED Fast, and I hope that Lauren K. McKellar graces us with more from this duo.

About the Book

Quinn Hamilton had it all—A grades, a loving family, and a spot on the waitlist for the latest Hermes handbag. The one item left unchecked on her to-do list was her brother’s best friend, Liam, and that was only because Braden was overprotective when it came to his mates.

When tragedy struck, Quinn was left with nothing. Not even the handbag made it.

Three years later, Quinn’s focused on the things that count—getting a steady job, looking after her mother, and playing it safe. Her dreams of working for a fashion magazine haven’t just left the building—they’ve dived into the gutter, never to be touched again.
But when completing a two-week internship in the city, Quinn meets someone who makes her do the one thing she’s been trying desperately to avoid—feel. Will this sexy man who knows so much of her history help her go after what she wants? Or is their brand of passion as outdated as last season’s trends?

She’s running from her past, but her past is running faster.



About the Author

Lauren K. McKellar is a writer of contemporary romance reads that make you feel. This hybrid-published best-selling author loves writing books with stunning local settings, heart-throb heroes, and leading ladies who overcome great hardships in their lives.

In addition to writing, Lauren loves to read, and you can often find her up at all hours of the night with a glass of wine, some chocolate, and a good book. She lives by the beach in New South Wales, Australia, with her husband, infant son, and their two dogs. Most of the time, all four of them are well behaved.



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