A hard hitting, soul shattering story that’ll have your heart in pieces…

Ok, so I’m a little lost for words. I’m processing. Not in a bad way, no, not all – but Bound feels like I’ve been dragged under a riptide. I have so much going on in my head right now, that – quite honestly – I don’t know where my head is at. I believe Stephie Walls has screwed my mind. Not that it wasn’t already on the brink – I’ve just finished 13 Reasons Why and it’s left me in a funny place inside my head. But, this book has just pushed it right over a rocky and steep precipice. Before I started reading my review copy I’d actually read some of the reviews that had already been published and a lot of them focused on cheating and the sex aspects  and I went into this book expecting a sex fest. I was wrong, and the reviewers that focused on those aspects were wrong too. I hate saying that because everybody is entitled to their opinion…blah blah blah, etc…etc…

Although Bound is most certainly an Adult book and the sex is VERY MUCH on the hot side of the spectrum, it also is about A LOT of other more harrowing issues. It’s not just your round of the mill dark romance either – it’s so complex and if there is any issue or complaint it should be that it should be split into two books really. Look, I’m not complaining because hell, it’s pretty much two in one and I’m already struggling with the idea of waiting on Freed (book #2). So, in my opinion this book should come with a warning, because if you’re not in a good frame of mind it will absolutely do you in. It’s funny because that’s where Walls’ talent lies with the story telling. She gets right under your skin to the point that you feel like you’re tainted by all the things that happen not only to Annie but also to Will. Then there’s also Gray who is completely messed up in a completely different way and level.

That right there is where Stephie Walls genius lies… her storytelling. I don’t quite know how she managed to drag me into her story the way she did. It was like one moment I was reading someone’s story and then the next I was that person. That was my story. There were so many times where I felt the need to put my kindle down and take a breather, and every single time I did I had to pick it right back up. I don’t even know how to explain the bond that I developed with Annie. All I can tell you is that I don’t know whether I have ever cried such heavy tears for a person, let alone a fictional character. What actually fascinates me even more is her uncanny ability to make you empathise so entirely with Will, a secondary character that is only ever mentioned. See what I mean about her brilliant storytelling?

Beyond the storytelling, the actual plot progression is flawless. Considering the complexity of the story, it’s development is honed to the point. Like I said my only issue – that’s not even a real freakin’ issue – is that the story could’ve been broken down into two parts… maybe even partially told from Gray’s perspective. In a very similar fashion the characters are so well mapped out and developed that every single facet serves to tell a part of the story. Gray is in no doubt a red blooded alpha male, but despite all his twat-ish inclinations he still has this beautiful, caring, soft and endearing side. Likewise, despite her harrowing past and all her dark psychological and emotional issues that have arisen from it, Annie is a gloriously bright, loving, loyal and sexy woman. 

I’m not quite sure how or why Bound hit home so hard for me. Maybe it’s because of all the happy and sappy books I’ve been reading lately, maybe it was reading it straight after watching 13 Reasons Why, or maybe it’s to do with my highly emotional PMS state. However, I truly believe that it was down to Stephie Halls ingenious talent and ability to get in your head with every single word making you feel so many intense and gripping emotions. Bound is the reason why I love reading. Stories that have a purpose. Stories that make you feel something raw and earth shattering. Stories that stay with you forever.

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About the Book

I want to prove my worth, show them what I have. 

I may be flawed; we all are.

But I’m smart, driven, and ready to take on the world. 

No one needs to know the rest.


I wasn’t counting on him, couldn’t imagine someone like him coming into my life.

The blue eyes, the chiseled body, the man I can’t resist.

Truthfully, I have no plans of ever resisting him. 


He has the carefree, playboy life he wants,

The one he created and refuses to give up.

But he didn’t count on me waltzing in and changing everything.


Gray can’t deny his passion for me—all parts of me,

Even the truth I try to bury—the flaws he knows I’m hiding.

And trust me, he’s imperfect too.


But sometimes, we need more than love—more than we can give.

About the Author

Stephie Walls is a literary whore – she loves words in all forms and will read anything put in front of her. She has an affinity for British Literature and Romance novels and an overall love of writing. She currently has six novels out, four short stories, and two collections; all provocatively written to elicit your imagination and spice up your world.



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