A sultry and sensuous romance that’ll tug on all your heart’s strings…

I’m having a moment. I’m caught somewhere between elation and misery. It’s like I’m tight-roping a fine thread that will eventually snap and I’ll fall into a place where I’ll have no escape from all my thoughts, fantasies… what I need to be doing and what I want to be doing. I’m having a moment of complete and utter chaos. My mind is too full of words that need to be let out and images that want to be ingrained… deep, deep in my memories so that I’ll never forget that I have come across Max Spencer and Monica Morgan. I’m in love and in lust and my body is craving dirty things… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Crap.

OK. So, I’m in love… and in lust… with Max Spencer. He’s turned me into a hot, sweaty mess. First of all, I call dibs on a dance – I don’t think I’ve come across a dance scene that had me drooling and gnawing my lip as much as Isabel Love’s OPENING. That’s right. Max’s game is there from page 1, like seriously… give a girl a chance to get comfortable. I should’ve just put a towel down there and then because if that was insanely hot – every. single. “thing” that happens afterwards only gets hotter. I will never EVER look at a kitchen island or a desk the same EVER again. My mind has been blown. My thoughts have been completely emblazoned with Max’s “talents”. And I’m screwed. I can’t even call him a book boyfriend because if he ever came near me I would find a way of marrying – like, yesterday! 

Max… Max… MAX. I think he just well and truly wiped any memory of Christian Grey or Gideon Cross from my ever loving sinfully dirty mind. He’s like the ULTIMATE man candy. Not only is he smart, caring, hot (have I mentioned that he’s hot?), but his game is on point. He’s far from damaged and there isn’t a single dark bone in his body… he’s just so wholesome and he does dirty so good… just thinking about it has my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I just want to scream how incredible this man is. He’s so kind and so soft and yet you get him alone and oh my LORDY! Where does that passion and intensity and savageness pop up from. Where does he store it? Character progression wise there’s nothing there that needs to be changed. Essentially he’s THE perfect guy. Unless I missed something… it is possible considering Love had my brain going over 1000 miles an hour and still needing to play catch up. How does that even freakin’ work?

When it comes to Monica I was just so surprised at how malleable her character was. She has this innocence and vulnerability but at the same time she’s this sexy and sassy intelligible woman. I absolutely adored her. It’s amazingly cunning how Isabel Love created these two incredible characters that are so similar, but yet they are also complete opposites. Fundamentally Monica and Max are carbon copies of each other, however their back story is what makes them so different. She’s grown up privileged and he’s had a harder upbringing – but yet they complement each other marvellously. He opens her up into an approachable and empathiseable character that has you hanging on her every thought and action. In my opinion Love’s character plotting and development is flawless.

I can’t get enough of this book. It gave me this happy sense of security and then it tore it all up and left me in a pit of pain and despair. When the poop hit the fan… it all got very real. It all got painful and I was left in tears. They weren’t even pretty tears. Nope. They’re the heavy ugly ones that leave tracks down your face and you heart feeling crushed. I just felt hopeless and like I would never – could never – be happy, taste happiness again. The plot for this book is so refined, so complex and intense that you are gripped to the point that your insides feel bruised. I am still reeling. I am still gasping for air. I never wanted this book to end. I became addicted to the story, to the characters and to the fierce feelings it created in me.

The good thing is that Untouchable is only the first book in Isabel Love’s Unexpected Love series. The incredible thing is that this is Love’s debut novel. Christ. I have a tendency to get attached to books. Not just any book. Nope. I get attached to jaw-dropping, tongue-tying, soul-searing, heart-stopping good books. See my problem? I wish I could even complain about it… but I’m a book whore. I just keep going back for more and more and every time that I get chewed up and spat out I move on and come right back. It’s a vicious circle, and now I’m adding Untouchable to it. It’s been less than 24 hours since I read the last word  and here I am trying to figure out when Unconventional (book #2) is out so that I have an excuse to get lost in Max and Monica again…

Fall in love and in lust with Untouchable TODAY.



About the Book

Monica Morgan is off limits. One-hundred percent untouchable.


Too bad I didn’t know that when we first met.

We were just two strangers in a club, drawn together by chemistry.

Hot, SIZZLING chemistry.


Imagine my surprise when I discover that she’s my new boss.

And now that we work together, she’s determined to keep it professional.


My problem? I can’t forget the night we met.

That searing kiss. The way she felt in my hands. 


I find myself willing to break the rules to get closer to her.

Though she tries to fight it, I know she feels it, too.  This pull. 


It’s all in the way she fidgets whenever I’m around. 

It’s all in those lingering, hungry looks she casts my way when she thinks no one is watching.


Despite the risk to my job that comes with pursuing her, I can’t seem to stay away from her.

I want to forget about the rules and make her mine.


“What’s your name?” he asks me.

“Can we just dance?” I’m not looking to start anything; an anonymous dance is all I want tonight. I’m never going to see this guy again, so exchanging names and getting to know each other is pointless.

He nods, not put off by my refusal to tell him my name. His blue eyes stare into mine, and I am hypnotized. His intense gaze sets my body on fire, and his lips—god, they’re full. As he bites his lower lip, I get the urge to bite it, too. I watch those lips curve into a knowing, sexy grin then my gaze moves from his mouth to his eyes and I feel myself flush. Electricity sparks hot between us, and my body feels like a live wire.

His big hands splay across my back and he leans down to talk directly into my ear. “Can I kiss you?”

I nod and lean up to meet his mouth with mine. Soft—his lips are so soft. His fingers thread into my hair and he pulls me even closer. My eyes flutter shut and I’m lost, my world reduced to the feel of his lips pressing into mine, gently at first, then hungrily.

His tongue licks against my lips and I open my mouth, our tongues tangling. My fingers find their way up his neck and I allow myself to touch his face. Mmmm, his stubble is soft. God, everything about this guy feels good. We kiss and kiss and I feel boneless, breathless. I’m clutching at him and he’s gripping me tight. It’s like his mouth is a magnet pulling me to him.

He makes me forget that we’re in a crowded club. That I’m a respectable physician in charge of a department. That I don’t need a man to be happy. That I usually feel as if I’m juggling a million pieces in the air every day and if I don’t stay on top of everything, all the pieces will come tumbling down. I forget everything; his kiss melts it all away.

Instead, I feel….alive. Surrounded by this strong man, in his arms, practically fused to his mouth, I feel…safe. Electric and desired. Judging by the size of the erection rubbing my stomach from behind his jeans, he is as turned on as I am. We grind into each other, and his heart beats so fast I can feel it thump against my chest.

Soon enough, our bodies start to move in a way that mimics sex. His hands skim down my body, from my hips to my bare legs. His touch is hot, waking up each of the nerve endings in its path. He squeezes my thighs then starts trailing his fingers up again, feeling my bare skin. Up and up, his fingers reach the hem of my dress, and he inches it higher, exposing more skin. Both of his hands end up just under my ass, touching the elastic of my underwear.

Oh god. I’m so wet. Just one inch farther and he’ll be able to feel what he’s doing to me. I feel his groan rather than hear it, the vibration in his throat a pained sound. He rests his forehead against mine and closes his eyes, hands still touching me, toying with the edges of my panties.

“Can I touch you?” he rasps into my ear.

I should push him away. I should be appalled that a total stranger wants to feel me up in the middle of a crowded dance floor. I should disentangle myself from him right now and leave.

            But I don’t want to. 

About the Author

Isabel Love is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading about two people falling in love, overcoming whatever obstacles they may face, and finding their happily ever after. A husband, two kids, and a full-time job keep her busy by day, but by night, she can be found with her Kindle in hand, reading “just one more chapter”.



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