A super hot and delicious Contemporary Romance that’ll have you laughing out loud and pulling your hair out from one minute to the next!

I’m in a bit of a funk today. Put it down to lack of sleep, or the fact that I feel I have unfinished business with Trevor and Veronica. I dunno, maybe I just need a big heavenly cup of the strongest and sweetest milky coffee ever. I just kind of feel like Barbie Bohrman left me somewhere in limbo… that place where The End is written across a page, but one; you’re not ready for it to be done and 2; you just need a little more – a scrap more, a slither… anything, just MORE.

I absolutely the of The Best Man, it’s vibrant and sassy – and it’s refreshing and fresh. I don’t know that I’ve read any other books about a best man getting involved with the bride after she and the groom get divorced… if I have, which I am 99.9999% sure I haven’t, then they cannot have been that impressive considering that I’m pretty good at remembering plots. So, to me the plot was rather original and I was hooked front he get go. Veronica is funny and bubbly and has this amazing quality that even though she’s not brash and brazen she’s sexy and dirty… in a good way. At the same time she’s kind, soft and has a vulnerability about her that serves to also showcase her strength and tenacity. Yeah, I may have developed a wee crush on her. Likewise, Trevor is a tall, TALL drink of water… screw that, scrap that and forget the water because this guy is a tank of the sweetest Long Island Tea. There’re so many flavours to him that you have no choice but to savour every single delicious taste. Barbie Bohrman’s character development is on freakin’ point all round. Bohrman had me shaking with anticipation one minute and the next quite literally laughing my arse off to that point that I was getting funny looks from the other half and the kids. 

So, I think I’ve made it clear that I loved the plot and the characters. Well, I HATED Daniel… and Veronica’s mother. There’s one word that pops up to summarise the pair of them, but it’s not very becoming – so I’ll just leave it like this: the pair of them are very much C U Next Tuesday types. Catch my drift? Good. One thing that bugged me about the book was the pace. There were times that I found myself skimming the crap out of the chit chatty style monologue, probably because the sexual tension and chemistry start building from the very first page. I just got so impatient, I just kept screaming at my kindle and Trevor and Veronica to get their crap together and make it happen already. Although, I have to say that Trevor’s control was phenomenal and, given his playboy history, it’s what makes him so endearing and makes his feelings and character change kosher. Also, when they finally throw caution to the wind… well… let’s just say that it feels like you’re in the middle of a Monsoon – it get’s HOT and WET in all the best ways and pretty quickly.

I can’t wait to get the second book in the Allen Brothers series. I know that’ll be all about Max (the younger Allen brother), but if he’s anywhere near as sexy, intense and charming as Trevor – I already know that I’m going to absolutely LOVE it. I also hope to god that there’s more of Trevor and Veronica in series, because I’d like to see where their love takes them. The way The Best Man was left, there’s still so much happen between them and with them. I’m full of questions like what’s next? I just want a happy happy HAPPY ending for them… like a proper Happily Ever After… with little Verns and Trevs…

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About the Book

Veronica Webber is single again after being in a loveless marriage way past its expiration date. For the first time in a very long time, she feels free and after being burned so badly by love in the past, any thought of romance is the last thing on her mind.

In walks a man from her past, Trevor Allen, a tall, dark, and handsome womanizer who is usually all about the bottom line. For Trevor that bottom line has always been made up of the countless notches on his bedpost. But when he sees Veronica after so many years, he can’t help but be drawn to her and know her again… even if that means being friend-zoned from the start.

As this unlikely pair spends more and more time together, they quickly realize that there might be something between them that goes past “just friends.” But there’s just one tiny detail that makes this situation slightly more complicated… Trevor was Veronica’s ex-husband’s best man at their wedding nine years ago.

So when past mistakes and indiscretions come back to haunt them, will their happily ever after end before it even gets started?

Or will the best man win this time.


I was minutes away from punching my little brother in the face for dragging me to this hipster bar tonight. I still could not understand why he thought he needed me to help him out. Because the two women he claimed required my presence to close the deal were clueless to my standing there for the last hour. They were all about my baby brother, Max, and how he was going to help them “break into the business.”

      And if “break into the business,” meant for them to have access to a local cable channel television host for a show about New York nightlife that aired so randomly, you would have a better chance of finding Waldo on your television? Then, yes, these women were most definitely on their way to breaking into the business.

      Max had a way of talking me into saying yes to his misadventures in the city. To his credit, they usually paid off for me. I would smile and charm my way into a lady’s sights for a couple of hours, and eventually into her pants. And I’d had my fair share of hook-ups. But even I had to admit it got a bit mind-numbing after a while.

      I wasn’t going to lie to myself or to anyone else: in layman’s terms, I loved women. I would rather be balls deep in a woman’s pussy than have my own hand wrapped around my dick any day of the week. However, the tradeoff was becoming less appealing with age.

      My brother was a low-level celebrity in the city. In my opinion, he wasn’t even on the D-list. Still, women flocked to him everywhere he went, as did some of the local social media bloggers. He was young, single, and rich. The trifecta. And it earned him the nickname of Max-A-Million from the page-six gossip types. He knew about the nickname and how people used him, and he didn’t care one single fuck about it. He did whatever he wanted with whomever he wanted whenever he wanted, and damn the consequences.

      I taught him well.

      However much I loved my baby brother, it did not dissipate my dislike of being in this bar or the countless others like it in the city. I much preferred a quiet, reasonably lit cocktail bar with a semi-decent corporate-type crowd. I could have a couple of drinks and then, if it was a good night, go home with a beautiful woman who loved my cock as much as I did. I smiled to myself remembering the redhead from a couple of weeks ago who had sucked my dick in the cab ride back to her apartment. The next morning, she swore that she had never done something like that before in her entire life.

      And I swore that I would call her.

About the Author

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Barbie Bohrman dreamed of becoming an author. Long after she had given up, a book club’s prologue contest enticed her to give it one more go. What emerged were the beginnings of her debut novel, Promise Me. Now she’s living her dream and writing stories that entice readers to escape and break away from reality. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to get through the books on her Kindle (more than a thousand at last count) or watching Lost or Seinfeld. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two dogs.



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