After reading and reviewing Sharing the Virgin, the first book in the series… I think it’s a series as Teasing Tyler picks up from Sharing the Virgin, I had to review Teasing Tyler. Like the previous book this is a short story, believe it or not it’s actually shorter than the first. Or maybe my reading speed is picking up? I don’t think so, but wouldn’t that be marvellous?!? So anyway, Teasing Tyler is probably the length of two-three regular chapters, however A LOT takes place. This is what my issue is with it because it reads something like a broken down, quick fire conversation on the phone to your bestie when you haven’t spoken in a while and you need to update them on your life drama ASAP.

I had thought that the quality of this book would have been higher than the first, however the authors bit more than they could chew with the storyline. It was very ambitious, but sorely lacked any development what-so-ever. There was no emotional grip or grit and the issues addressed were done so vaguely and to be frank in a way that reflected poorly on the writing talent. Unlike the first the sex scenes were shoddy and lacked heat and eroticism.

I had such high expectations from Tyler and Kayla. Tyler in particular came across like such a sex god in Sharing the Virgin… where did that guy go? Just because he’s a reformed dick it doesn’t mean that his actual dick has to lose it’s va-va-voom… Get me? I so wanted that gritty, rough and broody hunk… let’s just say I ordered a hot fudge chocolate sundae and I got ice chips. What a pity… really.

In all honesty, I’d love to see these two authors turn the books into novel length stories where the characters are developed and emotionally stretched to the max. I’d love the storylines to grab me to the point I can’t shake them off. Believe me, the promise is there – I just don’t think they gave themselves the timeframe needed to make these stories exceptional. But saying that, the promise is there and I hope that something is done with it.

About the Book

The man who won her heart, pleasured her, and broke her is back.

And he’s back to make her his for good. 

Sharing The Virgin fans fell in love with Tyler and Kayla and now you have their story. 

The Series

Amberwood Affairs

#1 Sharing the Virgin 


#2 Teasing Tyler


About the Authors

Dani Nichole is two besties who decided to co-write under a pen name. Dani is new to writing, whilst Nichole is a published Author under her real name. Both are mothers, one is married, and one is single. They have a LOVE for smut romance and hope to let it shine with their own stories!


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