A steamy, suspenseful and swoon-worthy masterpiece from New York Times and USA Today best selling author

We all know how much I love Cristin Harber, she’s one of those rare writers that cares – about the story, her character… her reader. When she announced that there was going to be a little something something on Doc. Tuska I think every Titan die hard squealed and did that crazy birdy dance… that you do when one of your favourite authors bears good news, of course. If it was just me, well, I’m an excitable person – what can I say? I knew it wasn’t going to be a full on novel, because she’d already said that she was working on Locke and Key (the next Titan novel) – however, I didn’t expect it to be a part of the impressive project that is Titan World. I say impressive because not only does she have some pretty awesome authors in her artillery, but she has also introduced two debut authors who I believe will be successful in their own right. On top of that, she was brave enough to let those authors take over her beloved Titan protagonists… queue another crazy lady dance… Cash Garrison is baaaaaaack… woop woop!

Déjà Vu isn’t a direct Team Titan novella, however it has TITAN action. The premise has murmurs of Garrison’s Creed and Hart Attack, however it is distanced enough from Team Titan that in affect it almost creates a bridge between Team Titan and Titan World. So, although each book in the Titan World series is a standalone, if you haven’t been acquainted with Titan before, I would probably recommend Déjà Vu as the starting point. In typical Harber style the storyline is fast paced and has a perfect balance between suspense, romance and thrills. 

‘…because everything that she had been told was now confirmed a lie…’

Her characters aren’t just props in the story, they are the story. Although this is Doc Tuska’s spotlight, the story is actually Allie’s. Which is really cunning on Harber’s part because that is how this book fits in with the Titan World objective. If you’ve read the Team Titan books before you’ll be familiar with the good Doctor and you’ll have already learned that he is Jared Westin’s (Titan Boss Extraordinaire) ranger friend and that he’s kind, witty and talented… charismatic… However in Déjà Vu, you get to see the real man – so to speak – and boy oh boy is there a whole lot of man to get to know. He’s somewhere between his mate Jared and clever clogs Parker, basically, he has attitude, brains and sex appeal. He’s mouthwatering sexy and straightforward. No bullshit. He’s also very soft and has this empathetic quality about him that comes across with how he interacts with Allie. It’s actually something that as a reader you revel in because it’s such a gentle fierceness – it sounds silly, but that’s the aura that surrounds him.

‘She had no idea who she was, but hell, she could fight…’

One thing that Harber has done immaculately is create a speculative sense of unease that allows the reader to relate to Allie and a romantic undercurrent to the plot that screams While You Were Sleeping (you know, that amazing film with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman). It’s so eloquent and sophisticated the way in which she has created a multifaceted, kick-arse, intellectual and libidinous character in Allie. As a female lead she is seductive, tenacious, alluring and sharp. There isn’t a single page in which she isn’t at the forefront of your mind and the fire feeding that roiling curiosity that consumes you as the reader.

‘…wow… she was badass…’

When it comes to action, in and out of the bedroom, Cristin Harber has that screw well and truly tight. The sex is sweltering, arousing and ardent however it’s also poignant and indulgent. Anyone who can make a quickie overflow with emotion and passion is special. This isn’t porn, it’s a connection between James and Allie that the reader is privy to – it’s on the edge of making you feel like a voyeur. Outside of the bedroom the action is exhilarating. Ok, so, compared to the Team Titan books it is tamer. You don’t have guns and explosions galore, however the ingenious of this plot is that the action is in the intellectual aspects. Don’t get me wrong it’s still fast-paced and as a reader you can’t put it down.

‘…Was it too red-blooded asshole male that he wanted to grab her to his chest and just feel her…’

As standard I knew that this was going to be a must read, and it failed to disappoint. This is going to be that book that you are constantly going back to. Whether you read it as a standalone or as part of the Team Titan series you are sure to love it. I say Team Titan because each book in the Titan World is a standalone that centres around Team Titan. The premise is ballsy and carryout is skilful bordering on flawless. Harber has pulled it out of the bag again and got me hook, line and sinker!

‘…If you had been mine before, no amount of orders could keep me away from you…’

Déjà Vu will be out on early release on iBooks from 16th January and on Amazon, paperback, Kobo and Nook from 24th January. Be sure to get stuck in, because it’s a ride that you won’t forget.

‘Not sure I signed up to be Bonnie and Clyde.’

Marta Aguiar
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