A tender, bittersweet and unforgettable Contemporary Military Romance about true and everlasting love.

I’ve been a lover of military romance for a while now, as far as I can remember my favourite novels always had some sort of militia written into them. However, I have never quite come across a military romance that is quite as arresting as Flightpath. Amber Addison has really dazzled me with her candid and striking debut. Ok, so, obviously it was pretty feasible that I was going to enjoy this book. A lot. If not, Addison’s own characters – I would quite frankly simply relish Cristin Harber’s Cash Garrison. But, that was not meant to be… I was instantly taken with Seth. Yes, I have a massive grin on my face as I say that, because as far as characters go – he is remarkable.

‘I never thought a day in the life stateside would be as bad as my time spent rescuing people from a war zone…’

Addison has given life to an extremely powerful and poignant storyline that is on par with Nicholas Sparks’ best. Scrap that. Actually, in my opinion she’s outdone Sparks – and I’ve been reading Sparks from 14! So, I know. What sets her apart from many other authors in this genre, and in my opinion – what allows her to outshine them, is the manner in which she successfully tells a deep rooted love story without ever taking the spotlight from the military aspect. Even more so, her aptitude at punching feeling and emotion into what is otherwise a cognisant process is astounding. This storyline really tugs at your heart strings from the offset, it’s definitely one to read with a box of tissues at hand.

‘I close the eyes of those who have no pulse… I remember each of those faces…’

When it comes to characters, one of the things I love the most about this novella is that they are kept to a minimum. There are a few background characters, such as Cash and their respective close friends Katie and Matt. Don’t get me wrong there are mentions of other characters, however they either don’t take an active part in the story or the interaction is so minimal that they are merely props. Personally, I find this so refreshing and it really creates a sense of intimacy with the reader that borders on seclusion. 

Her protagonists aren’t rampant and unrealistic. On the contrary, what makes Seth and Maddie so empathise-able is that they are grounded. To understand Amber’s characters you firstly need to know that this is a story of two halves – the first half is the background story leading them to the present set second half. Basically, half one is all about Seth and Maddie telling you the story leading them up to the present – half two. The epilogue gives an idea of the possible outcomes, this in itself is a very clever guise on Addison’s part because it grabs your focus and as a result you are completely taken aback when hell breaks loose. And me oh my, does it erupt like a hungry volcano… If you’ve read any Titan novels beforehand you will know that action of the wowzers kind is inevitable, but you just don’t expect what actually happens. I’m not a spoilers kind of girl, so this is where this train of thought gets closed right down!

‘I didn’t even get to tell him to be safe… I didn’t even get to tell him I loved him too…’

Anywho, back to Seth and Maddie. Unlike a lot of alpha males in this genre Seth doesn’t have any underlying demons – he is not your typical brooding ‘I need saving’ type of guy. He is probably one of the sweetest, most caring and grounded protagonists going – albeit – handsome and kick-arse. Again these qualities are what make him so endearing from the very first page. Cutting it down to the wire, he is just so goddamn wholesome! He is definitely a ‘making love’ kind of guy… and there I go again with my cat that got the cream grin… 

‘My heart… I think it exploded…’

I’m not sure if this is intentional, however, in Maddie, Addison has created a central figure. You know that character that is like the sun… not only does the story revolve around her but so does Seth. Put it this way, Seth is already a great character, however his interactions with Maddie are what makes him special. This is so cunning because due to the nature of the story you’d expect Seth to be the trigger point for the major event, but it’s quite the opposite. Maddie is so caring and understanding that you really are a breath away from feeling like she’s wet behind the ear, but if anything it makes her moment all the more emotive. When I say emotive, I mean she kicks major arse (as you’d expect a Titan lady to). Yup yup… she ROCKS MAJOR SOCKS!

‘…life got real… Shit got real… Shit got real in a real big fucking hurry.’

Let’s talk about sex… remember my comparison to a Nicholas Sparks novel… Amber has taken it up a notch. The sex is steamy, but it really is just a progressive part of the story. However, this is a good thing because it really makes the characters who they are too. It most certainly is there and it’s hot, but it doesn’t detract from the storyline. I really liked this… in fact to me it’s what keeps the story so very real. So kudos to Ms Addison, sometimes less really is more!

‘There was never any doubt in my mind that Seth was made for me… I just doubted I was made for him.’

Flightpath is in no doubt a worthy Titan story. It’s also a great nod to military romance, especially as a debut book. My only problem with it is that it was too short, I really wish it were a novel rather than a novella. And I entirely hope that this is not the last we see of Maddie and Seth… I do believe that Titan are looking for recruits, no?

Amber Addison’s Flightpath will be out on iBooks on January 16th, and Kindle, Nook, Kobo and paperback on January 24th. This is unmistakably a must read for 2017.

Thank you. For taking care of me…

Marta Aguiar
Written by Marta Aguiar
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