A haunting, heart-wrenching, sexy, sensual, super hot series from #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Helen Hardt…

I am in love. Completely and incandescently in love with this series. I just can’t think of any fault, I mean, I have enjoyed so many other series and fallen in love with so many other characters – but NONE have ever left me speechless.

When I first came across the Steel Brothers Saga I immediately thought of the Crossfire Series and Fifty Shades, however having read all three now, I have to say that Helen Hardt has done something that in my mind shouldn’t be possible. I am in awe, because she has managed to tell a tragic, heinous story within a sexy and steamy plot that grabs you from the get go and won’t let you go. Book after book you are left needing more.

The first book in the series, Craving, begins with Talon Steel and Jade Roberts – two broken people who are everything but destroyed. He’s every bit the hot-headed, disconnected, brooding loner who simply exists in a world that he can’t really fathom, having never overcome his childhood trauma. She is happy-go-lucky, sweet and laid back in a no nonsense way, and in spite of having suffered the humiliation of being jilted at the altar. Character wise they are very much polar opposites and this definitely adds to the sexual push and pull that is palpable from page one. 

‘The kiss was raw. He forced his tongue between my lips and took, just took.’

Hardt never beats around the bush, she’s very much a jump right to it writer – in every possible way. There’re no inhibitions from their first midnight kiss, but then Talon doesn’t allow room for that to happen. He is the essence of dominant and in Possession that side of him really comes out. Don’t get me wrong, you feel it from the very beginning of book one, but in the second book – boy, oh boy, good lord does it come out. Perhaps because that’s the book where his childhood trauma is brought into the spotlight and so you are more focused on him. 

The first three books (Craving, Obssession and Possession) in the series so far are from Talon and Jade’s point of view and they focus on developing their relationship through the unveiling of the tragedy. Book four, however, picks up where Possession leaves off… Melt (book four), continues telling the story of Talon’s past through his older brother’s perspective. In fact from book four it’s more about discovering the why and the who rather than what actually happened because by the end of the third book you know all the details.

‘Whatever it is you’re trying to keep from me, I will find it…’

So, Melt. This book is a bit more of a suspense thriller compared to the other three. Don’t get me wrong it’s still steamy and sensual in all the right places and all the right ways – but it sees Melanie Carmichael (Talon’s therapist) come to the forefront of the plot as a protagonist along side Jonas (the eldest Steel brother). This book begins the journey into finding the bad guys, however, it also starts telling Dr. Carmichael and Jonas’ stories. 

‘…a broken man, a shattered soul…’

In this series Helen Hardt has managed to deal head on with the sensitive subject of Talon’s past and she has cleverly managed to follow that premise whilst maintaining the erotic undercurrent. This is what makes this series special, because she doesn’t skirt around the heinous issue… she doesn’t dabble or dip her toes… she dives in head first. She has the ability to make your skin crawl with disgust on one page and on the next she has you covered in goosebumps and hot flushes. How she interlaces the past and present whilst keeping the brothers’ secrets is faultless and gripping.

‘Undress for me… Show me that succulent body of yours.’

Helen has an amazing way of making the sex real. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s hot, it’s steamy, passionate and at times awe ensuing ferocious… absolutely scintillating. The chemistry between Talon and Jade is scorching and tantalising.  If you’re a no-holds-barred person that appreciates gritty and scrumptious sex… you’ve found it! If you’re a lover of mild impact play and a little bondage you are in for a treat… oh lordy, these men know how to please. Mr. Grey and Mr. Cross should be worried ’cause the Steel brothers are in town – and boy do they like to fuck… good!

This is masterful storytelling at its finest. You are taken on a ride that you never knew you wanted or were ready to go on. But what makes this series a standout is that Helen Hardt guides you through her story without making it feel construed and mechanical. This series is truly an experience, that will remain embedded in your thoughts and fantasies. These are not just words on a page, they are feelings that are wrenched from a place in your heart and soul that you didn’t know existed.

‘And with every new ounce of pleasure he forced from me, I only wanted more.’

All four of the books were beyond pleasurable to read and I cannot wait for Burn and Surrender and Shattered– out on 14th February, 16th May and 29th August respectively. The series is available on Amazon Kindle, Paperback, Audible, Kobo, Nook, iBooks and Barnes & Noble and Waterstones.

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Marta Aguiar
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