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I’m always a little cautious of reading books that aren’t universally known. Maybe that makes me a book snob… I don’t know, but I doubt it. I have this intrepid fear that I’m going to hate the book and it’ll screw something up for me… what? I don’t know. I’m just weird that way, I guess! So, when Amazon kept suggesting that I may love this series I kinda put off reading it because 1: I’d never heard of it… 2: I’d never heard of Kahlen Aymes. God, when I put it like that they seem like such pathetic excuses!

Anyway, eventually I gave in to Amazon and downloaded the series onto my Kindle. That’s right, the series… because I can’t just read one book in a series, even when I’m not a fan. It’s just that sometimes subsequent books in a series can be better than the first, especially if it is a debut series. Get my drift? 

Kahlen’s series starts with Angel After Dark. I wouldn’t say the book is a slow starter, however for some reason we didn’t click. I loved the characters from the off, but to me it just kind of felt like another billionaire romance. Boy, boy, BOY was I wrong because once the protagonists finally cross paths something happens and it’s like your heart stops and speeds up and you can’t wipe the smile off your face! Aymes’ banter is so so spot on, it verges on flawless… scrap that. It IS flawless, it’s immense! I have read so many billionaire romances where the heroine is this shy young girl that gets swallowed up by a big bad wolf… no no… Dr Angeline (Angel) Hemming has substance, sass and a whole lot of sexy!

It’s a fight… To the mattresses!

Alex on the other hand comes across as this cocksure twat. As, the story develops and his barriers are broken down you actually really begin to like him, however it’s not until the second book, Confessions After Dark, that you fall in love with him. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the first book you know that he is book boyfriend material, but Angel is the burning beacon for me. And, in my opinion that is what makes this series special.

“Let’s have a taste. Just a little taste…”

As far as dickheads go, Alex has it all going for him… however as the plot thickens and the story progresses it’s his character that perhaps develops the most. In so many of the stories within the Erotic Adult Fiction space you are given the illusion of the male protagonist adapting to his love interest’s needs and wants, but when you break it all down you realise that actually they got what they wanted and that the female lead actually adapts to them. I’m not criticising this, it worked for E L James, Sylvia Day and Jodi Ellen Malpas – and the submissive lead adapting to the dominant hero is something that works. There needs to be a balance and in most stories that is it. However, what Kahlen Aymes has created in Alex is a hero that doesn’t have any real turmoil – he is just a twat (have I emphasised that enough?) – but HE adapts to what Angel needs (even if she feels like she’s the one that surrenders). That is what is so special and makes him the swoon worthy character that he is… well, that and his bedroom game! 

“There was no surrender. There is no escape in this… For either one of us.”

Alex and Angel’s chemistry has so many levels; lust, love, obsession, mental and above all fiery, hot sexual. They have a sensual love affair of EPIC proportions and that is portrayed in all aspects of this trilogy, however the sex… it’s heart-pounding, sexy hot! There’s none of the male takes lead bullshit you get in some books. When it comes to sex it’s fair game. There’s no mention of BDSM, there’s no OTT kinky sex… nuh-ah… it’s steamy and passionate and delicious in a genuinely pure yet fierce way.
Kahlen Aymes has really outdone herself with the quality of the plot line that roots all three books. This is not just an Erotic Adult Romance, it’s a suspense thriller. The story line is really well thought out and plotted. Promises After Dark brings the trilogy to a close with a bang. There isn’t a single dull moment. Aymes’ villain isn’t just bad he is downright pure evil. At one point or another you are guaranteed to have the urge to beat the guy to a pulp, or maybe just put a bullet in his head… or two.

To me this series was a pleasure to read, and not just the erotic side of it. Sure, I was dubious at first and had a wee bit of trouble getting into it, but I can’t help but feel that it was due to my own trepid silliness!

Every time he touched her, it was perfect and earth-shattering, stunning and staggering.

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