Fast-paced, intense, and sexy…

Bishop’s Queen is the newest instalment in Cristin Harber’s Titan series. The Titan series centers around a secret security agency that works on behalf of world organisations, governments and high profile individuals. There’s guns, explosions, backstabbing, hot sex and happy endings amongst other happenings. Just in case you didn’t know, now you do. In keeping with the rest of the series, this novel can be read as a standalone – however, you would be missing out on all of Cristin’s other amazing characters. It’s not the longest book you’ll ever read, so if you’re someone that can’t cope with a book longer than 500 pages, you will love it’s mere 360. Although if you love this book as much as I did, you will be devastated that there aren’t twice as many!

Let’s take a moment and appreciate the cover. Unlike other Titan books this cover is sultry and gives you a little peek at one of the books better moments – not that there are any bad ones. It definitely works on the premise that less is more… Personally, I think it’s her best cover in the series, although I did miss the usual semi naked cover candy. Love love love this one. If I were to cover shop, it would do the trick!

“I can’t shake the feeling that somebody’s watching me.”

The plot of the novel is in keeping with Harber’s fast pace world, however, unlike her other plots the action is more subdued. You’re not getting 007 explosions and guns galore. No, this story reminds me a bit more of The Bodyguard, albeit steamier and sexier. Basically, where her other novels are more action oriented, this is definitely a thriller.  Cristin does the whole stalker thing so well and that sexual under current that is constantly bubbling away only serves to get the reader’s heart racing and the pages turning – fast!

The love story is the backbone of this book. The whole long lost love filled with regrets and the angst that comes from Bishop’s and Ella’s tragic past hooks you from the prologue. This story could have gone in so many directions, however, Harber picked the best. In a genre where situations are over dramatised and paths are long winded, she has kept to the point. It’s all very much no bullshit needed to fill pages. Another aspect that has differed from her previous offerings is the female lead. Cristin Harber’s women are hot, passionate and kick-ass, all her previous Titan ladies have been in on the gun action and spy games. Ella is not. She is a feisty environmentalist, she’s not into guns and spy games. Her weapon of choice is the internet and her voice, no fistycuffs for this heroine.

“Bishop didn’t just stare. He devoured. He consumed”


As with all her beloved couples, Ella and Bihop are polar opposites. Bishop embodies the alpha male title, he is cocky and powerful and no nonsense. However, Ella is his polar opposite she is this caring woman that has found herself at the forefront of a cause. She’s vegan and he loves meat. Bishop is private, Ella is completely exposed. There is a constant push and pull, a real will they / won’t they.

Of all Cristin’s books, Bishop’s Queen feels like the most sexually reined in of the bunch. Like Garrison’s Creed it is more vanilla, however, that really brings out a tenderness in the characters that makes the story all the more passionate and the characters’ history all the more intense. 

“His touch was more intoxicating than the vodka on an empty stomach, better than any memory of sex.”

There is nothing about this book that turns you off as a reader. If anything the play on celebrity culture and social media has made it current and intriguing. Cristin Harber delivers time and time again, no ifs or maybes, this is a writer who will never fail to excite and impress.

For me, it’s a 10/10 on all fronts… well, maybe she could’ve made it a little longer. This is my only hang up – It ended too quickly and left me gagging for more.

This book is available on Kindle (click on image below), Nook, Kobo, Apple Books and also in Paperback. Hardback will be availble from end November 2016.


Marta Aguiar
Written by Marta Aguiar
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