An action packed, sexy series of books from a New York Times and USA Today best selling author

Just over a year ago I stumbled on an Amazon recommendation for Cristin Harber’s Only for Him. I had just finished reading Sylvia Day’s One with You and had a serious case of end of the series blues. Anyway, I decided to check this recommendation out and I liked the idea of the plot from the blurb, reviews were good, cover was cute, I was sold! However, me being the nosey parker I am decided that I would look into her other books. I am SO glad I did. Turns out she had several other books centered around Titan (a ghost security company employed by world governments to clean up messes they don’t want associated with them), and oh boy can I just say that I was hooked even before I purchased the first book. My trigger happy, super excited finger was clicking away, purchasing and downloading every available book before I had read a single chapter. Yes, this lady has the ability to draw you in with her blurbs even before there is a gun in the picture.

Who is Cristin Harber?

Cristin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She resides just outside Washington DC with her family and English Bull dog. She is an award winning romantic suspense and military romance writer. Her writing is poignant and sexy, with a gritty and languid undercurrent. Harber writes sex with the cockiness of an alpha male, but with the feeling of a lovestruck heroine.

If you’re looking for Fifty Shades, this isn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of sex… obviously… however, its the action packed plots and the explosive narrative that has movement and rhythm and life that makes these books addictive. Think of this as an upgraded ‘A-Team‘. When shit goes down, it goes down in a gun-tastic, dynamite explosive fashion that has your feet doing an anxious and exited jig at the same time. Cristin has injected steroids into all my Disney fantasies  and served them back to me on a gunpowder platter.

Harber has been exceptionally clever with her books. Every one of her books is interlinked and all her characters’ voices have a very believable, empathetic and capturing quality. Her females are kick-ass and her men are drop dead. She keeps you coming back for more without a cliffhanger in sight and with all the happy endings you could wish for. Her stories offer a parallel universe to escape to, whether you are an avid reader or not.


What books has Cristin Harber written?

There isn’t a facet of love and lust that she doesn’t explore – if you’re into childhood sweethearts you have Sweet Girl, Garrison’s Creed, Sweet One and the Only Series within the Titan/ Delta world. If you are a believer in love at first sight there’s Savage Secrets and the one that started it all Winter’s Heat. Throughout the series there’s been faked deaths, witness protection, cartel kidnappings, a jilted bride, a hot Brazilian in search of revenge, the impending nuclear kaboom of the world, amongst other heart racing, sweat inducing moments. Still, if there is one thing I love about these books, its their ability to raise awareness of social issues that occur everyday. In Bishop’s Queen she drives home the importance of looking after our planet without having that typical nagging environmentalist voice, whilst in Black Dawn Cristin addresses domestic violence in a dignified and empowering tone that envelopes the reader, and in Sweet Girl, Hart Attack, Delta: Retribution and Delta: Revenge she delves into grief head first and leaves you at the brink of despair.

The Titan family she has created on paper has translated itself into a book family constituting of fans from all over the world. Cristin Harber has created a phenomenon that has the ability to to take on the likes of Fifty Shades and the Crossfire series. If there is one thing that I am praying for for this series is a that it gets translated into a TV series… and that it never ever ends. Okay, that’s two things, but who’s counting?

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