I previously did a post on Christening Gowns and Rompers for boys, as I am on a quest to find my Holy Grail gown for my little chubster, Mylo. If you have never seen Mylo you may not realise how chubby this baby is and how tall as well. He currently wears 9-12 month clothes and he is 7 months old – sometimes he pops out of the 9-12 month clothes… so, this task is a little difficult as there are lots of brands that make their gowns with a smaller fit!

My ideal christening gown would be something traditional but with a little modern minimalistic touch… i.e. no frills, no poofs, no overwhelming lace… I want something simple and beautiful and classic that Mylo can wear, COMFORTABLY, and that if we do have another baby, regardless of their gender, they can wear it too. This new addition to our family will become a ‘Brennan’ heirloom. I really want to get our family name embroidered on the garment…somewhere.

So, in my post I mentioned the John Lewis Heirloom Collection and the Unisex Long Christening Gown from said collection. After I posted said post I decided to order this gown as I was so in love with it. All the reviews on the site sang its praises and me being the JL fan that I am decided to purchase it because to me JL normally have such high standards and they provide such amazing quality and value for money… What could possibly disappoint?

When it arrived, firstly it was horribly folded up in a plastic cover and in a ordinary JL bag. In my opinion, these are meant to be treasured items, that can become heirlooms, and unfortunately the packaging didn’t mirror this. Also, once we took it out of the plastic the gown was really creased (obviously) however, it came with a gorgeous satin/silk hanger but the loveliness ended there. The gown is very lacklustre and sadly it just doesn’t look as lovely in person. The skirt doesn’t seem half as full and the fabric looks and feels cheap. Now, the gown was £55 so I wasn’t expecting it to be wowzers… or spectacular even, however, for a garment that is special (or meant to be) it lacks the something “special”. There is no lining and the fabric is so thin that it’s actually a bit sheer.

Maybe we’re snobs, but to me, when a collection is named ‘Heirloom’ you immediately think of something that has lasting power, you expect the fabric to be of the highest quality and to me a good quality fabric has to be hardwearing whilst maintaining its delicate look and feel. After all, this is something that is going to be passed on, it’s going to be put on a BABY… you’d at least expect a lining of some kind… come on John Lewis… I expected more…

I guess the lesson in this is that you get what you pay for. Most Christening Gowns start at £100+ and with this in mind I will GLADLY spend £150+ for the christening gown I envision. I will also be doing some window shopping before I purchase the next one, maybe shopping for a christening gown really is like shopping for a wedding dress…

As for this “Heirloom” gown… it is going back! 



Marta Aguiar
Written by Marta Aguiar
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