With the our due date fast approaching we’ve been looking for ideas on how to redecorate the nursery. We’re really lucky that it’s such a lovely spacious room that will fit two kids comfortably, however, we have tonnes of baby stuff – toys, furniture (we currently house a baby snug basket, a crib, a cotbed and a toddler bed!), clothes, etc… this alone could fill a double bedroom, so we are having to clear out in order to stock up again! I don’t know about other families, but since we found out we were having Jasper in 2013 our house seems to have been taken over by all sorts of baby paraphernalia to the point that now I dread when I see him delve into his toy box (normally after I have just tidied up). When this happens I just know that my tidy open plan home will become littered with trails of Jasper’s imaginative play!

So, coming back to nursery decorating, we need to make the most of the space we have. Kayne is very practical modern and he looks at things very clinically, whereas I am more of a shabby chic type that likes to have pretty rooms. They may not always be very practical but they are lovely to look at and live in. I am also a very decisive person when it comes to these kind of things, and Kayne he will think and rethink and change his mind time and again!

I really like the idea of a Beatrix Potter nursery… I think it’s the ultimate unisex room. It’s also got so much potential when it comes to decorating. Kayne, however, he just dreads when I get decorating ideas – I never tend to go for the most straight forward designs! So, we’ll be waiting till baby gets here to do it as I’ll be able to do a lot more myself and my dad will be around to help me with the painting and woodwork and my mum will lend a hand dressing the room – she’ll also convince Kayne of the bits that I love but cannot get him to agree with me on. I know, I don’t fight fair… poor Kayne!

This my moodboard inspiration (you can find the actual moodboard here)… and once little Phoebe arrives we’ll hopefully be able to replicate some of these ideas and maybe invest in some of the items!



Marta Aguiar
Written by Marta Aguiar
I'm a mid twenties mummy living in North London, a graduate in English literature and creative writing from the university of Aberyswyth in Wales. I love to bake, cook, read and watch films, and love spending time with my little toddler, Jasper, and our new addition, Mylo. I blog about our family life and my general interests, with the odd guest blog from my partner, Kayne.